Dating Sites for People With Herpes-How to Date- Female Guide

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genital herpes dating sitesIf you are a female with herpes and have joined one or more dating sites for people with herpes you have probably done so in order to find others who share your condition and other interests and who want to date and possibly develop a long-term relationship. Now that you have actually joined the site you may feel at loss to know how to date through the dating site. Here are a few tips that may help you meet someone online and then actually take that meeting to offline and real live date.

Make Your Profile Interesting

Many people who join a genital herpes dating site find themselves making their profile all about their herpes rather than about themselves. While you certainly want to mention your condition, you want your profile to be about the real you, not about your herpes. Make your profile as interesting as possible by letting your personality show through. Discuss your interests and hobbies, and discuss those things you are interested in.

Post a Current Picture

It's rather amazing how many people who join dating sites for people with herpes won't post their photo despite the site being secure and private. People who browse the site looking to date skip over the profiles without pictures, because they want to see the person behind the words. A good headshot with a nice smile will do wonders for creating interest in people you may want to date.

Be Active on the Site

The more active you are on the site the better your chances are meeting someone you want to date. Visit the chat room and chat when the subject interests you, join the conversation in the forums and check the site frequently.

Answer Your Messages

When you receive messages from another member of the site, take the time to answer the message even if you are not interested in the person after reading their profile. With sites where members chat with one another, you don't want someone who showed interested in you to be telling other people who may be interested that you don't answer your messages. A polite rejection is better than leaving someone hanging.

Mutual Interest

When you meet someone and the two of you are mutually interested in one another, then take a little time to talk to one another and get to know someone better. When you are ready to begin to take the relationship offline, then talk over your cell phone, and don't forget to do a little bit of flirting.

Meeting In Person

Once you have decided you would like to meet the other party in person, then arrange to meet in public place until you feel comfortable that the person is exactly who they say they are. This will give you the opportunity to get to know them better and to discover if there is an attraction to the person. Once you decide a person who is who they say they are and they are someone you want to pursue a relationship with, then dating this person you met online is just like dating anyone else.