How to Date Someone with Genital Herpes

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genital herpes dating sitesGenital herpes is more common than you think. 60%-80% adult in the United States alone are contracted with HSV 1 or HSV 2, and most of the time they do not realize it. The HSV symptom does not actively come out until the patient’s immune system dropped. However, even if someone has positively diagnosed with genital herpes, it does not mean that they are dirty or unworthy. Herpes is treatable and you should not make it a big deal in a relationship. Dating with genital herpes patient is very possible, especially when you know the right thing to do. Here are several tips to create a wonderful relationship with herpes patient.

Know the real condition of your partner

Firstly, you need to get tested. Even when you never experience any HSV symptom, you have a great chance being infected the virus easily. There are 2 types of HSV, and each type needs different treatment. Knowing your partner condition allows you to find out the best treatment and prevention. It is very important to avoid getting infected through your partner for both of, therefore be smart and seek medical professional help immediately.

Support your partner emotionally

The physical symptom of HSV can be severe and painful, but the emotional damage is more dangerous. HSV patient usually loses confident and afraid to express their true condition to their partner. They are also constantly worried whether they will transmit the diseases to you. That is why you need to support your partner emotionally. Let your partner know that physical condition will not deter you feeling towards him/her. Encourage your partner to tell you when the outbreak comes so both of you can handle it correctly.

Wear protection

Even if both of you are healthy, wearing protection during sexual intercourse is very advisable. Wearing latex condom will reduce the risk of transmitting the virus by 50%. HSV outbreak also comes when your immune system low, therefore both of you need to take a vitamin daily. When your body immune high, big chance you will be not easily infected. Try to avoid contact in person when you have flu or other diseases. When the outbreaks come, avoid any physical contact and cover the infected skin. Make sure that both of you eat plenty of healthy food and lead a hygienic life.

Attentive about the sexual relationship

Dating someone with genital herpes does not mean you can enjoy sexual life. It is still possible when you do it carefully. Of course, you cannot have sex at all when the outbreaks come. Besides, it might be painful for your partner, the risk becomes infected with the virus is also high. Never engage any oral activity as well, when your partner has an oral outbreak. Express your love when both of you in a good condition, and make sure your partner consume suppressive medication such as Acyclovir and Valtrex. Give your partner time to rest after the outbreak until his/her body immune can take full control.