10 Tips of Dating for People with Herpes

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genital herpes dating sitesIf you have herpes, your dating life is not over. In fact, there are many people living in your community who have herpes and they are looking for relationships just like you. This means that dating someone with herpes just like you is not only possible, but one that can help you find love even after you have given up hope.

Of course, dating for people with herpes is not going to be easy, but you will be surprised how normal it is because both you and your potential partner have herpes, so there is nothing to fear. However, for those who have concerns, here are ten tips that will help you in finding the right person in your life.

Herpes Dating Sites

First and foremost, you should look for those who have herpes just like you. Once you take away the fear of infecting others with the disease, you can start a normal life once again. There are good dating sites for people with herpes which means that you can find love once more. Such dating sites are safe, private, and allow you to find that special someone without the fear of being discovered or of infecting others with herpes.

Be Relaxed

Remember, you have a condition that is shared by many others. It’s not the end of the world, so when you join a dating site that has members with the same condition as you, it’s just like dating when you don’t have herpes. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should totally ignore your condition, but it should not be front and center.

Send Out Flirts

If you are on a dating site, do not be bashful about sending out flirts, winks, or trying to open conversation with as many people as you find interesting. It’s easy to get stuck on one person but remember that their picture and profile is really an introduction and not the complete person which may be different than the initial impression you get. Conversely, you may find that someone else whose picture and profile were not immediately eye-catching may be more interesting once you get to know them.

Be Honest

Once you are within the safety of the herpes dating site, you should be honest once you have found someone interesting and started up a conversation. This doesn’t mean that you must tell everything right off the bat. Rather, if there is something important beyond the condition you are suffering from, you should let them know before things get serious. Honesty is always the best policy in this situation.

Keep it Simple

It’s easy to start off cautious and then go full bore in terms of your dating habits once you discover that having herpes is no longer an issue. So, calm down and keep things simple at least at first so you can get back into the dating scene. It’s good to take things slowly, but perhaps a better piece of advice is that you should keep it simple instead.

First Impressions Count

The first impression is the basis for how someone looks at you. However, you should not take it too seriously as many happy couples got started on the wrong foot. So, if you happen to slip up, ask if you can start over again. It may not be the best way to come back from a bad initial impression, but at least it is a start.

Limit Your Text

Text and messaging have the advantage of being direct and the disadvantage of lacking the subtlety of face-to-face conversation. This means that you should watch what you text in terms of the words being used. What may mean one thing to you may mean something else to the other person and misunderstandings can happen. Instead, focus on how the other person might take your words and not just the impression you have before sending out each text.

Be Safe

In other words, you should treat someone with herpes just like anyone else. When engaging with someone on a herpes dating site, your privacy and safety should be the top concern. Yes, you should have a fun time and relax because you are with those who have the same condition, but just remember that like any form of dating, herpes or not, your safety should come first, so be safe and prepared when you finally decide to go on that date.

Break the Ice

No matter your age, the first date is seemingly always a nerve-wracking experience, so make the most of it. Be honest about your feelings when you first meet to help break the ice. You may find that the other person is going through the same thing you are. You also may find that being self-depreciating when it comes to being nervous can make for a good first impression, but don’t overplay it.

Have Fun

Yes, you should be safe, careful, and relaxed which may seem contradictor at first. But then again, dating is an act which is filled with conflicting emotions. So, try to have fun when you go out on your date. Make the first one light and entertaining, such as having coffee at the local coffee shop, a walk in the park, or perhaps a light lunch. If you decide to go out again, then choose a place where you can share an experience that is unique. In other words, something both of you have not done before so you can start creating some lasting memories.

It’s helpful to find the right dating sites for people with herpes so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable while looking for love. Remember, dating someone with herpes when you have the same condition means that the fear of infecting others should be gone. So, you should treat the experience as if you did not have herpes by having a good time and enjoying the company that you are with. That’s why dating for people with herpes should be one that is comfortable, so you can find the right person for you.