Top 5 Herpes Dating Websites in 2019

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Genital herpes affects about 20% of the population and most people who have this incurable STD worry about dating and passing the disease onto other people. Having herpes can make dating difficult, because you have to make decisions about when is the right time to tell the person you are dating you have herpes, and the worry about being rejected because people see the disease rather who you are. Joining an online dating website for people with genital herpes can allow you to be comfortable with the people you meet and date. Here is a look at some of the Herpes website that you can join.

#1 Positive Singles is a dating website for people with various STDs including genital herpes. This site offers a great community to support you and has a variety of features designed to help you meet people to date and for friendship. Positive Singles offers both a free and premium membership. While there are some users who have gone on dates from this website there is little information regarding whether or not anyone has formed a permanent match.


mpwh.comMPWH is a niche website dedicated to people who have oral and genital herpes. The website is owned by the same group that owns positive singles and many of the features are the same. This website offers both a free basic membership as well as premium membership and has a lot of useful features for finding people for friendship and dating. The site earns overall average reviews. However, it does have the benefit of being specifically for people with herpes so you do not have to worry about sorting through other STD.

#3 MeetHerpes

meetherpes.comMeet Herpes is a niche website for people with Herpes Simplex Virus, but people with other STDs are welcome to join. The site is rich with features and offers both standard and premium memberships, but the use of the features with a standard membership is limited. The site is both easy to use and easy to navigate and there are several different options for meeting and communicating with people, which may increase your chances of meeting someone special.

#4 STDslove

STDslove.comSTDs Love is a niche website dedicated to people who have various STDs. This website is owned by the same group that owns Positive singles and MPWH so most of the features are the same. This website has both a free and paid membership and the number of features you can access will depend on whether or not you have a premium membership. However, this site seems to have few if any reviews so there is really no way of knowing if this site meets the needs of its users.

#5 H-date

hdate.comH-Date is a niche website that is dedicated to helping people with herpes meet other people with herpes for friendship and dating. The site used to be free of charge and has now changed to include both a free and paid membership. The site has a lot of nice features and is easy to navigate, but it fails to give any prices for the premium membership unless you sign up for the site. However, the site seems to result in members finding dates and making friends.